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Rocky Road

Bed bugs. Not the most appealing way to start my latest post but that’s what has happened recently. My housemates had suffered the symptoms of these pesky creatures, but I hadn’t. Not sure what that says about their hygiene levels compared to mine but the people we got in to deal with the problem confirmed that no evidence of infestation was found in my room. I can’t stress that enough! Anyway, to prepare for their visit we all had to strip our beds & I took the opportunity to rejig my room somewhat. If any of you out there write you will know that it’s best to have a defined writing space, ideally in a separate room. I don’t have that luxury but moved things around a bit to create a better area for me to write. Not only do I have this blog, but another one & am attempting a children’s novel.

When getting stuck into a big writing session I like to have a nice pot of tea & something naughty to nibble on. One of my favourites is Rocky Road that delicious marshmallowy, chocolatey bar that you can find in many coffee shops that populate most high streets. However, they are rather ridiculously expensive considering how easy they are to make. Starbucks even claim on their UK website that they invented the damn thing! So, for a fraction of the cost why not make your own? Trust me this is one of the easiest recipes of all time.



200g Plain chocolate

125g Milk chocolate

125g Butter

80g Golden syrup

100g Mini marshmallows

100g Sultanas

125g Digestive biscuits

4 Crunchie bars

1tsp Cinnamon



There really isn’t much of a method here, basically heat some stuff, bash up some more stuff, put this & some other stuff into the melted stuff pour it into a medium baking tray & let all the stuff cool! Okay, well let’s break it down. First break up the plain chocolate & put it in a bowl with the butter & golden syrup then melt it in a microwave for about 90 seconds in short bursts stirring occasionally. When melted add the cinnamon stirring once more.


Now, mash up the biscuits. Put them in a food bag & give them a rough bashing, taking out your frustrations at your boss, or evil corporations like Starbucks or even that noisy neighbour who plays their music to loud (sorry, that’s probably me). You want a nice mix of chunky bits of biscuit & powder. Do the same with the crunchie bars & add it to the melted chocolate along with the marshmallows & sultanas.You might want to break things up a bit more if it looks too chunky, its all up to you.


When mixed well pour it into a foil or baking paper lined tray, pushing it down till its flat. Take the final ingredient, the 125g of milk chocolate. Melt this as you did with the plain chocolate then pour over the top then simply chill it in the fridge for a few hours, overnight is best.

Rocky Road

To serve remove from the tray, dust liberally with icing sugar & cut into even sized slices. That’s it! This is so simple & delicious & open to many different combinations. You could mix the plain & milk chocolate together, use only milk chocolate or maybe try bashing up & adding your favourite chocolate bar or add Smarties, Milky Way Buttons, whatever takes your fancy. No excuses, make this today!